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We believe that using supporting professional care assistants by early notice of the need for someone to talk to and get daily things done helps people to live a longer, healthier, and more fulfilling life. It is important to notice the need for an extra supporting companion and helping hand around on early-stage. With having the support you prevent getting harder health conditions.

For that, we have made a self-service platform where you can find and manage daily bookings for professional care assistants when you need it. Our care assistants are all chosen very carefully. They have passed a vetting process to make sure they are safe and know what they are here for.

No long-term commitments and hardly manageable contracts. Book simply care assistant from Elunow self-service platform to live your life fully and have support when you need it!

Meet the team


Marion Teder

Founder & CEOmarion@elunow.com

I founded Elunow in 2017 with a simple mission - to ensure that everyone can access the in-home care they need, when they need it, quickly and affordably, to enable them to live fulfilling, independent lives. As female entrepreneur, the idea came from my own difficult experiences caring for members of my family from the age of 10 years old. After graduating university, I also saw both good and the bad in the social care system, spending six years working as a private care assistant in England. I passionately believe that carers deserve to be paid well for the work they do and that the quality (and consistency) of care provided is greatly enhanced because of this. By connecting people needing care with qualified and experienced local in-home care providers, online platforms like Elunow have enormous potential to match the needs of those needing care with qualified, passionate and experience local caregivers, all while providing value-for-money and peace of mind for families.


Olga Chernikova

Chief Technical Officer

I’m a developer, a mum and a big believer in making the world a better place. For me dignity and independence as we age have always been of the utmost importance, and I’m truly enthusiastic about this project. We have an unprecedented range of high-quality healthcare options available, but at same time we’re all acutely aware of the limitations placed on all of us as we get older. Online platforms like Elunow mean help is closer than it has ever been. My role, is to ensure that the connection between those needing in-home care and qualified and experience local caregivers works flawlessly.


Ellin Sarapson

Client Relations Specialistinfo@elunow.com

I am glad that I have an opportunity to contribute to the growth of this necessary and appreciative platform. I have been related to the sector of care assisting and elderly care personally for more than 10 years, mostly from the experience with my own family – starting from my mother, who suffered from rare brain disease and eventually getting experience of helping my vital 99-year old grandpa. Life has brought me several elderly people in between to take care of.

I feel strong empathy towards the weaker society members and I believe that this kind of platform helps to ensure, that they have the best possible options to live a fulfilling life. I'm very much aware of the needs of care receivers and their families, also how underestimated is the job of care assistants. Elunow platform connects all these care parties with dignity and helps to build up long-term trusty relationships. I wish there was a platform like this when I needed the help. 

Now, being part of the Elunow team, I’ll do my best to find the best solutions for all clients and care assistants and make their onboarding as smooth as possible. 


Heleri Pleer

Customer Service Managerheleri@elunow.com

I am happy to be part of the Elunow team and could say that this is a part of my life mission. Helping people has been a passion of mine for years. I've been searching for a way to feed this passion and I feel that Elunow is perfect. By interacting directly with clients and caregivers, I believe that Elunow can deliver what is really needed. Through our platform family members who have a care burden can maintain their quality of life and take some time off. Also they can be confident that we will take good care of their relatives, allowing them to age with dignity in their own homes. In addition, I am confident in the peer-to-peer service model and anticipate its development in the coming years.

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