Home Health Aide Corner with Katie

25 March, 2021

We strive to provide top-quality home and personal care providers, make improvements and adjust to the needs of our clients. On this journey, our service providers play huge importance. They are part of our growing team, they are involved in each step and with their help, we aim to make our client’s voice heard.

For this reason, we sit down with people who want to provide services on our platform, to discuss how we can better serve the needs of our clients, what are challenges they face and how we can make their lives better.

This time we present a discussion with Katie, our long term Home Health Aide. With her, we discussed how we can support those who need care and how booking a care assistant can better their day-to-day life:

“I have been a Home Health Aide for around three years and have listened to many stories of those I’ve been supporting.

In connection with my work, I often meet people who, for various reasons, need help to cope on a daily basis. Some people are nearing the end of their life, some are no longer fully functioning, others need communication and support to recover from their disease.

We are all responsible for our own wellbeing, and by eating well and taking some daily exercise we can improve our general health and fitness to make things easier as we age.

But as we get older, inevitably things get harder to do. For some, families are close at hand who can help. But it’s more common these days for family members to live separately, often many miles apart, which makes daily help more challenging.  

Whilst local authorities and other organizations are there to help and try to ‘plug the gaps’, social care isn’t free and so the burden of care often then falls to one or more members of the family.

That can place an unnecessary strain on those carers, as they try to balance looking after an elderly relative with their own busy lives.

Perhaps they have their own young family, or they work full-time or even both. And so, it becomes harder to provide that care every day without impacting the lives of other family members.  

Often, a person may not need help all day from a live-in care provider. It may be enough for the Home Health Aide to go once a day for a few hours to check that medicine has been taken and food is eaten, that the home is tidy and to have a chat over a cup of tea.
Just this small amount of help, perhaps for a couple of hours each morning, is enough so that people can continue to live fulfilling lives in their own homes.

When you care, every day makes a difference.”


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