Evas Success Story: When is the right time to start looking for help?

22 January, 2021

Eva uses Elunow to book care for her almost 100-year-old aunt. 
Our goal was to find out why Eva uses Elunow and use her feedback to build a new improved version of the platform. Eva shares her experience with us.

Please tell us your story?

We will all need this help someday. I made an agreement with my aunt some years ago that as long as she could manage by herself, she could live in her own apartment, in her own home. In April, she turned 98 but was still managing more or less herself. But then suddenly, in just a few months, her health deteriorated. She had no energy, she couldn’t get out of bed, couldn’t walk with the four-wheeler, and had problems with her hygiene. She needed help cleaning the house and preparing food, so I had to start looking for outside help because I was going to see her several times every day.

What other solutions did you try and how did discover Elunow?

I turned to the social welfare department to find out what help was available. We were offered an alarm button in case my aunt fell or needed help, but unfortunately, there was a waiting list. We did eventually receive it, but my aunt kept taking it off, claiming that it bothered her. So I spoke to the social welfare department again and asked for information about companies that provide paid in-home care services for the elderly. I was sent a small list of providers, which included Elunow.

What were your first thoughts when you started using Elunow?

At first glance, it seemed very easy to use. Since the cost of care seemed fair compared to some of the other providers on the list, I decided to give Elunow a try. I created an account for myself and after entering my choices of time and dates and selecting the care services I needed, I was able to choose from four local caregivers. I read their profiles and chose the last one of the four – Monia.

I feel that one person should have one carer because the relationship that develops between them is very important. People inevitably get used to each other. Based on that, it’s good to have the opportunity to choose a caregiver who you think is suitable for the person being cared for. My first instincts turned out to be right, and all three of us – my aunt, me, and Monia – have built a close bond based on mutual trust and cooperation.

I think that the work that carers do is physically and mentally demanding. I should know, as I was doing it myself for many months before finding Monia. My aunt needs care several times a day so I visit her mornings and evenings during the week, and Monia take over each weekend.

Caregivers are not family members, they are professionals in their field, they do their job and they are quick, calm, and experienced. Monia is patient and sweet. My aunt’s feedback on her work is good, so we are very happy.

What kind of feedback can you give us about the use of the service itself?

First, I think all bookings should be for at least an hour. Elderly people need patience and time, and that hour can go very quickly. If the list of tasks that the caregiver has to do within one working hour is long, they’ll inevitably run out of time, so it’s better to give them a little more time to do the jobs they need to do. In addition, the caregiver must provide feedback after each visit. This is very important for the client, but inevitably takes time for the caregiver. In the future, I would like to be able to find the caregiver I want by name, so I can see his or her vacancies and book them straight away.

Do you think Elunow’s caregivers have the right training and experience?

Based on Monia’s work, I can only conclude that they have been adequately trained and that knowledge and skills have been gained through daily work. Monia was able to provide lots of advice on how best to support an elderly person, what hygiene products and creams would be best to choose, and so on. Providing care is a vocation, not just a means to earn money, and I believe your carers live up to that.

What recommendations would you make to other families in a similar situation?

Sometimes, there is no other option but to seek out outside help. But it’s good that care providers such as Elunow are available on the market and that older people can live in their own homes with dignity for the rest of their lives.