Katrin Shares Her Experience with On-Demand Home Care Services

05 May, 2021

All our clients agree, hiring a Home Health Aide can be a life-changing decision, not only for the care receiver but also for family caregivers who have to sacrifice their personal life, career, happiness in order to take care of their loved ones. However, finding the right Home Health Aide is not that easy as it may seem. It takes time and a lot of effort to find and hire a reliable person.

Elunow care services are used by people who need help with personal care and home care for a wide variety of reasons. The mission behind what we do is to securely connect people needing care and assistance with qualified care professionals, and on this journey make people feel valued, happy and change their life for the better.

At Elunow, to carry out our mission, we make sure every voice is heard. We closely collaborate with our clients and Home Health Aides to keep track of progress, accordingly make improvements that can perfect and make Elunow the best choice for those who need helping hands.

To spread light on the important issues, the challenges family caregivers face, and how hiring a care provider can be a life-changing experience we conducted an interview with one of our lovely clients Katrin. We are very grateful that Katrin agreed to share her family story.

Katrin’s story

Katrin’s husband received a diagnosis of ALS in 2018. ALS is a nerve disease that causes muscle wasting, called amyotrophic lateral sclerosis. The disease affects the spinal cord and longitudinal nerve cells, significantly impairing the performance of intentional movements. By its nature, ALS is an ever-worsening disease.

For about 2 years she was the main caregiver for her husband. She was working three days a week at the time and he had to stay home alone until she came from work.

It evolved to a point where Katrin couldn’t manage to do it all, prepare ready-made food during the day, lift him, and be there 24/7. Hence hiring a Home Health Aide become inevitable. The rest of the story is presented below in an interview format:

Q: Why did you make the decision to find a Home Health Aide?

A: As the disease worsened, my husband had less and less strength. Since I couldn’t lift him to take him to the shower, I started looking for outside help in January 2020.

Caregiving takes so much time and requires skill, strength, persistence. Elunow helped me to find a team of Home Health Aides who are trained to use the right safety techniques and are available daily from 7 AM to 11 PM, so I still manage to work and not give up my job.

Q: What recommendations would you make to other families in a similar situation?

In a similar situation, I’d definitely recommend people look for help and support early. Caring for a family member is challenging but our loved ones need us to be strong, so let the experts provide the extra help you and your family need.

To the family caregivers, my advice is to take care of yourself. Don’t forget about your personal physical and mental health.

Caregiving burnout is so real, over time you will start feeling exhausted. We are not superhuman, we ourselves need self-alone time, time to work on our dreams, on our happiness. Booking a Home Health Aide can help you to separate time for you and your career as well.

Q: Where did you look for helping hands?

I started searching for information on the internet. There were several options that I carefully examined. And then I came across Elunow, which was simple to use and offered the specific care I needed, in my local area, at a sensible price. We had some initial issues setting up and paying for our first booking, but customer support offered her help by phone and e-mail and after that, everything has run smoothly.

Q: How’ve you found the Elunow service?

Since January 2020, we’ve booked several Home Health Aides, who have always provided a great service. It’s good that such people exist. In recent weeks, we’ve chosen one service provider with who we’ve begun working more regularly.

Happy customers are the best motivation for the Elunow team. We want to reach everyone in need and offer the opportunity to live a full life independently in your own home! If you are in a similar situation and you are looking for a Home Health Aide visit here and book a service provider who meets all your requirements. Contact us directly for more information: email info@elunow.com 💙