Safety Measures We Implement During the Covid-19 Pandemic

25 September, 2021

During the Covid-19 pandemic, we have implemented the policy below that we are asking all of the service providers and customers to adhere to at all times. By following this policy, we can continue to deliver our much-needed services while protecting our customers and service providers from the spread of coronavirus.

At Elunow we want to ensure that all of our service providers and customers stay as safe and healthy as possible during the Covid-19 outbreak.

People of all ages can catch Covid-19, but studies have shown that the elderly and those with other pre-existing medical conditions are at much higher risk of contracting the disease. As many of our customers fall into this category.

This policy will be updated from time to time, depending on the situation and based upon Government advice.

  • With or without being vaccinated. Please take your temperature at the start and end of each day. If you feel unwell, or exhibit any symptoms, you should self isolate and make a Covid test.
  • Wash your hands and wrists frequently, as often as you judge as reasonable, but certainly, as the first thing, you do every time you visit a customer and the last thing you do before you leave.
  • Without exception, wear a face mask, new disposable gloves, and a plastic apron when you visit a customer. Doing this is perhaps the biggest single thing we can all do apart from hand washing to reduce the risk of infection. Don’t forget to bag and bin all used Protective Equipment.
  • At the point of entry and exit to any building and anywhere else where many people may have touched surfaces, please wash your hands. If no handwashing facilities are accessible, use a hand sanitizer.
  • Maintain 2m social distancing whenever possible.
  • Do not share cups or water bottles, cutlery, or dishes. Clean the rim of beverage cans or bottles before decanting.
  • Do not share food and drink with anyone outside your household.
  • Please wash your uniform every day. This again will reduce the chance of cross-infection. If you do not wear a uniform, wear clothing that can be easily and frequently washed.
  • Please refrain from touching your face, nose, and eyes as far as is reasonably practical.
  • Clean working surfaces as frequently as possible with anti-bacterial solutions, especially in areas with a high general use such as kitchens.
  • Refrain from using other peoples’ telephones and ensure that you clean your own phone(s) frequently.
  • Clean keyboards frequently, especially if hot desking. Try to use your own equipment wherever possible.
  • Avoid meeting people from outside your household or support bubble.


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