The Truth About How Being Alone Impacts Seniors

10 May, 2021

Recent statistics show that the total number of seniors living in the UK is expected to grow by 2050. While talking about elderly people, we usually mean those over 60 years old. Along with all these, senior isolation is a widespread problem across the globe that needs to be prevented. Living alone may have different reasons for seniors-from having no relatives to being ignored by the neighborhood. In any case, it’s a serious challenge.

Why are seniors isolated? 

If your relative or family member is retired or no longer able to work and show physical activity it does not mean you must leave them alone. Being alone may negatively impact the overall mental and psychological state of old people. Sometimes having limited abilities and low working efficiency, seniors consider themselves useless. At this point, providing seniors with special care is of high importance. And that’s where a high-quality caregiving service comes to help you.

Sometimes senior isolation is identified with social isolation. In fact, they are not totally the same. Social isolation does not necessarily refer to old people only but also young people. While senior isolation comes with age, it leads to the separation of the elderly quite often, causing irreversible consequences. 

We discussed the topic of senior isolation with Mrs. Amber Johnson (73 y. o.) and here’s what she thinks: “Actually, I didn’t use to think that I was not getting much communication with others. Only now, after starting to be socially active, I feel how my mental and physical health has improved. Turned out, my mood swings were the consequences of the lack of communication.”

How can caregivers help senior isolation?

Not all old people living alone are able to do everything on their own. Many of them experience various diseases, therefore they are constantly at risk. It’s essential to find seasoned and qualified in-home care providers who you can freely rely on. The assistance of a good caregiver can greatly foster the overall wellbeing of seniors. They need to handle everyday activities like eating, having a bath or taking medicine. And that’s what a caregiver can help to implement the best and bring some energy to senior’s life. While choosing a good independent caregiver or an agency, try to follow some tips we’ve presented in our previous blog post. 

“ Parkinson’s disease has deprived me of the opportunity to do daily activities such as eating or taking a shower easily. The things I used to do in three hours are now done in one thanks to Emma from Elunow. We even have time to play board games or go for a walk with her.”, said Mrs. Johnson.

Coronavirus and senior isolation problem 

Did you know that half a million old people do not meet anyone five or six days a week, therefore they have to pass the day alone? Coronavirus aggravated this situation by spreading a global lockdown. People are stuck indoors for health reasons. And there is a big number of elderly people among them. This doubles the trouble of isolation. To reduce the negative impact of these hard times seniors need to regularly keep in touch with the surrounding world. It’s proved that loneliness causes problems such as coronary heart disease and stroke, cognitive decline and boosts high blood pressure risk. To avoid any of the above-mentioned, try to spend as much time with your loved ones as possible. 

“I have a daughter, and I can feel that she’s trying her best to spend more time with me.  She is a lawyer and I also totally understand that her profession requires time and effort. So, I want to thank Lisa (her daughter) for finding such a good solution. Elunow and Emma brighten up my days.”

Every human being is an important part of society. And aging can not affect it negatively. The value people bring to the surrounding world does not necessarily depend on their age, but their social and physiological state. We all need help and attention. Seniors do need them more. If you want to make the world a better place, never leave your beloved ones alone and helpless. Consider taking care of them to be a lifelong experience and do your best to get the best practice out of it.