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About us

About us

What is Elunow?

As an introductory care agency, Elunow connects people needing care and assistance with qualified and experienced, local in-home care providers with skills and availability to match your needs.

About us

If you looking for in-home care, just answer a few simple questions about the care you need and when you need it and we’ll match you quickly with qualified and available caregivers in your local area.

If you’re a caregiver, Elunow offers you the opportunity to provide care services in your local area, where and when you choose to fit in around your own commitments. You can also develop your career as a caregiver with discounted access to Curve Learning’s online and in-person training.


Marion Teder
Founder & CEO
I studied social work, social policy and sociology at university and worked as a caregiver in England for 6 years. The idea for Elunow came from my own difficult experience of caring for family members. In a society with an aging population, there is a shortage of quality in-home care available, which is only going to get worse. Central government has reduced the amount of public money going to local authorities. At the same time, demand for in-home care services is increasing. Cash-strapped local authorities are finding it increasingly hard to balance the cost of care with the need to control their budgets. As the costs of providing care rise, families are often left bearing the burden. By connecting people needing care with qualified and experienced local in-home care providers, online platforms like Elunow have enormous potential to match the needs of those needing care with qualified, passionate and experience local caregivers, all while providing value-for-money and peace of mind for families.
Drew Arnold
Growth Officer
I’m very happy to be working with a company who’s mission is to tackle one of the world’s biggest social problems. I bring years of marketing, sales and international start-up experience to an already very well-rounded leadership team. I’m excited to see where and how far Elunow can go in the future and how many people’s lives we can positively impact. That’s what I look forward to everyday.
Olga Chernikova
I’m a developer, a mom and a big believer in making the world a better place. For me dignity and independence as we age have always been of the utmost importance, and I’m truly enthusiastic about this project. We have an unprecedented range of high-quality healthcare options available, but at same time we’re all acutely aware of the limitations placed on all of us as we get older. Online platforms like Elunow mean help is closer than it has ever been. My role, is to ensure that the connection between those needing in-home care and qualified and experience local caregivers works flawlessly.
Heleri Pleer
Customer Officer
Helping people has been a passion of mine for years. By interacting directly with clients and caregivers, I believe that Elunow can deliver what is really needed. Through our platform, family members who have a care burden can maintain their quality of life whilst being confident that their relatives are receiving the quality in-home care they need to support them in living fulfilling, independent lives.

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