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How it works?

We’d all like to stay in good health and be as independent as possible. But as you or your loved ones get older you may find you need help with daily activities. You may also be their primary carer and need some help looking after them due to family, work, or social commitments. Elunow securely connects people needing care and assistance with qualified and experienced, local in-home care providers with the right skills and availability. Just answer a few simple questions about the in-home care you need and when you need it, and we’ll match you with thoroughly vetted, professional caregivers available in your local area. Then select the location, the date and time to book.

Ordering care through Elunow is easier than ever before. You choose the services you need, the location where they are needed, the time, for how long, and when you require the services. Elunow offers you a selection of caregivers. Choose the most suitable one, submit your order, and you will get the services you need. We ensure that the caregivers are professional, respectful of privacy, and provide the best possible help.

Book a carer

1. Register for care

2. Find the care you need

3. Choose your caregiver

4. Confirm your selections

5. Book and pay securely

Become a caregiver

1. Register as a caregiver

2. Interview, background and qualification checks

3. Complete your profile

4. Receive bookings and payment

5. Provide client feedback