Care Services

Find a home health aide or personal care aide that matches your needs and aligns with your schedule. They offer a range of personal, home, and outdoor care services.

Personal care

  • Assist with medication

    Help to take the right medication at the right time.

  • Cooking and meal preparation

    Preparing or heating meals according to available food and help feeding as necessary.

  • Mobility assistance

    Such as support with independent movement, lifting a person (in and out of bed or a wheelchair).

  • Dressing

    Getting dressed each morning and/or undressed each evening ready for bed.

  • Personal hygiene

    Help to take a bath or shower, shaving or even a bed bath. Toileting. Help with brushing teeth, flossing or keeping dentures clean.

  • Companionship

    A friendly chat over a nice cup of tea.

Domestic Care

  • Bed linen/towels change

    Changing bedding and towels as required .

  • Ironing

    Ironing clothes and bedding as required.

  • Gardening

    Including mowing, weeding and planting.

  • Laundry

    Washing and drying clothes or arranging dry cleaning .

Outdoor assistance

  • Social events

    Support with travel to/from social events and help whilst there.

  • PCP and hospital visits

    Assistance travelling to Primary Care Provider and hospital check-ups and appointments.

  • Shopping

    Joining you on shopping trips and carrying bags, or organizing supermarket home deliveries.

  • Meeting and appointments

    Help with travel to meeting or appointments, for example with local authorities.

  • Local walks

    A arm to hold when out for a walk, or help pushing a wheelchair outdoors.

  • Work or school visits

    Help with travel to/from university or your workplace.

Who is Elunow for?

Who is Elunow for 1

For people, whose emotional wellbeing would be better with some extra companionship, household tasks, or assistance with going outdoors.

Who is Elunow for 2

For people, whose well-being would be better by having some support with personal care, household tasks, and assistance with going outdoors.

Who is Elunow for 3

For people with very complex care needs who need personal, home and outdoor care in order to help them live fulfilling, independent lives.

Create a schedule

Create a detailed schedule of the care you need, when you need it and we’ll offer you service providers who are ready to help. This includes:

  • people who have complex needs
  • services that need to be carried out at a specific time, for example taking medicine
  • long term planning & scheduling

Create a care plan
Create a schedule

Search by a service provider

Start your booking by browsing individual service providers based on their availability, services and profiles. This is perfect for:

  • people who want to work with a specific service provider
  • people with inconsistent caring needs
  • short term planning
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